Thank you for booking a tour with us!

Getting Ready to Ride

Here is all you need to know to prepare for your trail tour.

Safety First

Your certified guide will provide you with a safety briefing and review COVID-19 Protocols.

Come Prepared

Helmets and safety glasses provided by TNT. You should dress comfortably, for the forecasted weather conditions. Layers and sturdy footwear recommended; face covering/mask suggested, as sometimes we kick up a little dust! Gloves may be a good option as well.

Certified Guides

Our guides have all of the necessary permits, experience, first aid and operating training to guide you safely off-road.

Experience Cape Breton Like Never Before

We provide an off-road adventure unlike any other on the island. See the island from the inside out!

Payment Options

We will gladly accept online payment using the cards below.

Waiver Form

You may print and sign the waiver form in advance of you arrival to save a step onsite before your scheduled tour.

Have a Question?

Feel free to reach out and we're happy to answer any questions you may have.