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TNT Outdoor Adventures Inc. (Tires and Tracks) provides guided trail tours by Side-by-Side and by snowmobile. Our trail tours are inspired by our personal adventures on our home of scenic Cape Breton Island. We are providing unique, customized tours, in a safe, fun environment, to all outdoor enthusiasts.

Let’s get outside and back to nature. We give you the opportunity to breathe in the freshness of Cape Breton Island. View the scenery, be with friends, get away from usual demands of life, do something with family and be close with nature. Enjoy The Cape Breton you have never seen!
We take the guess work out of our customers’ adventures with new reliable machines, seasoned trustworthy guides and no fear of getting lost. We love the outdoors and enjoy our adventures, as a couple, and with family and friends. We have been operating off-road vehicles for many years and love to share our adventures. We offer trail tours that bring people together for an unforgettable experience by promoting practices that respect the Earth and the Environment. We create an exceptional experience for outdoor adventure seekers with emphasis on good lands stewardship and respect for wildlife.

Our Side-by-Side tours are also suitable for individuals with limited mobility; persons who would like to get back to nature and enjoy the experience. See Cape Breton from the inside out!

We are open year round. We are passionate to develop a unique experience which will appeal to travelers and visitors to our island. Whether for a team building exercise, a family group adventure or a trip with friends, a guided Side-by-Side or snowmobile tour offers a fun, safe adventure in Cape Breton’s great outdoors.

All ride gear complimentary (subject to availability; limited sizing, sizing chart on site; feel free to bring own gear)

Our Mission

TNT Outdoor Adventures Inc.’s mission is to deliver high quality tour services for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers by providing a memorable experience for our individual clients.

TNT Outdoor Adventure Team

Our qualified guide will accompany you on your trail tour. No worries on missing out on best sights and best trails.

Cathy Tower


Cathy started TNT Outdoor Adventures Inc. in 2021 – with a background in business and accounting, she saw the opportunity to create an adventure tour guide outfit for the awesome trail system in Cape Breton.

Turk Tower


Turk is a certified guide and has the experience and training to safely guide you to places you’ve never seen before on Cape Breton Island and beyond!

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1072 Cabot Trail, Hunters Mountain, Nova Scotia, Canada B0E 1B0

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