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Let’s get outside and back to nature. We give you the opportunity to breathe in the freshness of Cape Breton Island. View the scenery, be with friends, get away from usual demands of life, do something with family and be close with nature. Enjoy The Cape Breton you have never seen!

Tires Adventure Tours (Side-by-Side)

4+ Hours

Side-by-Side Cape Clear TNT Evening Trail Tour

You will climb up the inside trails of the Cape Breton Highlands to one of Cape Breton's best views, Cape Clear.

6 Hours

Cape Clear/Hunter’s Mountain

Day Tripper Trail Tour – Cape Clear/Hunter’s Mountain $660/max 5 people Book Tour May – December 9:00am start ATV Touring Cape Clear/Hunter’s Mountain Previous Next Stunning Scenery Travelling the Cape Breton Highlands with the iconic view of Cape Clear – … Read More

TNT Trail Tour based on Cruise Ship Schedule

TNT Trail Tour Shore Excursion ~ Port of Sydney

TNT Trail Tour Shore Excursion ~ Port of Sydney $660/max 5 people Book Tour May – December Start time ATV Touring (based on cruise ship schedule) Port of Sydney TNT Shore Excursions Previous Next Stunning Scenery Travelling the Cape Breton … Read More

4+ Hours

Cape Clear - Hunter's Mountain

Cape Clear Day tripper – 2-seater-You Drive! $545/machine Book Tour May – December 9:00am start ATV Touring Cape Clear Day Tripper Trail Tour – 2 seater–You Drive! Previous Next Stunning Scenery Travelling the Cape Breton Highlands with the iconic view … Read More


Tour Add-ons


per group
$300 per group (additional 2½ - 3 hours)

North River Falls Look-off ~ Nova Scotia's Largest Waterfall

Trail Tour includes a short walking hike~15 min to Look-off. Our guide will lead you through the Highland trails to a protected wilderness area where you will have a short walking hike (little uneven terrain) to the look-off to North River Falls. The view is amazing - you will not be disappointed to see Nova Scotia's highest waterfall, reaching a height of 32m. The trail to the Falls (not the look-off) is a challenge for the average hiker. We take the more manageable route to enjoy the sights and sounds from the look-off. We are in the CB Highlands so we also keep an eye out for wildlife and request you stay with your guide. There will be plenty of time for optimum photo shots! We love to share this view with our waterfall adventure seekers!


per group
$300 per group (additional 2½ - 3hrs)

Dr. Alexander & Mabel Bell’s chimney at Bell’s Lake

Trail Tour includes a short walk~5 min to chimney site. Our guide will take you on a separate trail direct to the location of Dr. Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Bell's cottage on Bell's Lake. There is a short walk through the woods which will reward you with glimpse of history, circa 1895 ~ the stone chimney of Bell's cabin. Bell once said, "I have travelled around the globe. I have seen the Canadian and American Rockies, the Andes, the Alps and the Highlands of Scotland, but for simple beauty, Cape Breton out-rivals them all." We agree and believe you will too! Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, and widely known scientist and investigator, died at home on Beinn Bhreagh Mountain, Baddeck at age 75 (1922). This historic site was his cabin on beautiful Bell's Lake.

Why Ride With Us?

TNT Outdoor Adventures Inc. (Tires and Tracks) provides guided trail tours by Side-by-Side and by snowmobile. Our trail tours are inspired by our personal adventures on our home of scenic Cape Breton Island. We are providing unique, customized tours, in a safe, fun environment, to all outdoor enthusiasts.

Safety First

We are fully committed to your safety on and off the trail for the duration of our tours. You'll enjoy travelling on our fleet of new reliable machines.

Qualified Guides

We take the guess work out of our customers’ adventures with seasoned trustworthy guides and no fear of getting lost.

Experience of a Lifetime

We offer trail tours that bring people together for an unforgettable experience by promoting practices that respect the Earth and the Environment.

Leave No Trace

We create an exceptional experience for outdoor adventure seekers with emphasis on good lands stewardship and respect for wildlife


Our Side-by-Side tours are also suitable for individuals with limited mobility; persons who would like to get back to nature and enjoy the experience.

Year Round Adventures

We are open year round. We are passionate to develop a unique experience which will appeal to travelers and visitors to our island.

What Cape Breton Destination is On Your Bucket List?

Whatever your passion is - we can help you get out and get after it! Contact us to discuss custom tour options.

Snowmobile Tracks Adventure Tours

Winter 2021/22

Our Tracks Snowmobile Adventure Tours Include:


All ride gear included complimentary (subject to availability; limited sizing), click for sizing chart; feel free to bring own gear.

Expert Guide, Quality Gear

Our qualified guide will accompany you on your trail tour. No worries on missing out on best sights and best trails. You will drive one of our new Polaris snowmobiles.

Trail Passes Included

We include all necessary trail permits and passes for your ride.

GPS & Mapping

Our experienced guides will ensure that your tour of Cape Breton's beautiful trails stay on course.

Snowmobile Rental Requirements:

19+ Years or Older

Riders must be over the age of 19

Valid Driver's License

All riders must have a non-restricted valid driver's license.

Credit Card Deposit

$2000 damage deposit on a Visa or Mastercard is required.

Signed Waiver Release Form

Riders must sign our waiver release form. Click here to read the waiver.

Tracks Adventure Tours

6 Hours

Tracks Trail Tour

Starting at the bottom of Hunter’s Mountain stopping in at the historic site and remnants of Alexander Graham Bell’s cottage / chimney on route to the breathtaking views of Cape Clear.

6 Hours

Winter Escape and Adventure Package

This is a two night stay where you can escape winter, relax and unwind and be prepared for snow, scenery & fun!


Star Gazer Tours*

Please give us a call - Come and join the thrill and excitement of snowmobiling through the forest of Cape Breton after sunset!

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